Moon Food=Celestial Pablum

Celestial Pablum a painting by Remedios Varo

The National Museum of Women in the Arts is an enchanting place where I first met the artwork of Remedios Varo, a Spanish surrealist painter who worked in Mexico in the 1930s, 40s, and 50s and is not nearly well-enough known for her exquisite work.

The first time I walked into this museum in 2000, they were featuring an exhibit of Varo’s work, and I was immediately smitten. I was fortunate to catch another exhibition of her work in Chicago not long after. Her work is an obsession of mine, especially several paintings that feature moon as character.

Some time, I hope to have the resources to create a surreal performance piece using her work as inspiration, character, setting, and costume.

And from that inspiration of Varo’s work and my love for all things moon, I draw the name for my company and this site, Moon Food. I like to think about both what would nourish the moon and how the moon feeds me.

This site is part blog, part annotated anthology, part inspirational cauldron, and a container for my writing. It is infused with creativity, spirituality, social justice, and various tangential musings.

About Me

I’m Jeannene Bragg, creatrix, artivist, and creative producer. A performance maker and community builder who works at the intersection of arts, spirituality, and social justice.

My inspirational practices include devising performances, writing, art+ritual for healing and spirituality, conscious movement and Qi Gong, the moon cycles, collaborating on multi-media art projects, collage, exploring my Irish/Scandinavian roots, organizing for anti-racism and justice, and herbs+cooking.

I am shaped by and devoted to the land I live upon in the South Plate River basin and the home of the Ute, Arapaho, and Cheyenne people (colonially known as Denver, Colorado USA).

Current collaborations include:

Moon Food Productions, Founder and Creative Producer, a creative business container for my work, teaching, and consulting.

Emancipation Theater: Collaborator, an anti-racist storytelling company led by Jeff Campbell

Theater Artibus: Collaborator, a company dedicated to original performance and community collaboration, founded by Meghan Frank and Buba Basishvili.

Curious Theatre Company: Community Engagement Organizer for this organization focused on new voices and contemporary theatre.

Creative Action Collaborative: (Denver’s USDAC outpost): Creative Producer

Creating Justness: Amplifier and Convener, a vehicle for amplifying the work of local artists of color for audience and support from the white community.

The Hag Collective: Member, a coven of dreamers, witches, storytellers and wildings where magic, art, and movement combine led by Danielle Dulsky.

The Way of the Wild Witch, student, a year-long program in embodying wild nature through herbs, rituals, and seasonal rhythms led by Tonja Reichley.

Projects in Progress:

Hung/Burn: Creative Producer and Writer, A postmodern morality tale performance in development with Brian Freeland.

Left Out, Stories from the Outside: Creative Producer, A collaborative storytelling and art project lifting up the voices of our unhomed neighbors, an Emancipation Theater project with The Reciprocity Collective and The Denver Voice, funded by Arts and Society.

Recipe, Part II: Collaborator on this performance featuring voices and histories of seniors on Denver’s eastside spearheaded by Theatre Artibus.

HalfLife: Writer and Deviser, a muti-media explosion with Marie Curie as the spark.

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Art + sprit + justice. Moon Food is an annotated anthology. Curated by Jeannene Bragg, a creatrix and artivist from Denver, CO USA.